Cell and tissue models

Need inspiration for your next project? We spend time researching the applications of our technology for all cell types. Scroll on to see a sample of the possibilities that bioprinting will bring to your lab.

Drug uptake and metabolism

Culturing and evaluating the viability of Caco 2 cells bio- printed in CELLINK EPI X ink.

Investigating two different liver models by 3D bioprinting liver cells in HEP X.

Evaluating the viability of 3D printed beta cells in PAN X bioink.


Developing a full thickness skin tissue model with three layers using the technique of 3D bioprinting.

Nervous system

Developing a cell viable conductive bioink using GelMA base bioink, and single walled carbon nanotube to enhance conductivity.


Investigating if 3D bioprinting will enable spheroid formation of lung cancer cells.


Evaluation and optimization of an angiogenesis promoting bioink.


Bioprinted heart tissue models will enable understanding of cardiovascular disease and advancement in therapeutic discoveries.