Partnership conference

Partnership conference

Every year we gather our collaborators for our Collaborative Partnership Conference, where we share current research in the bioprinting field. It’s a unique chance to network with fellow scientists, explore collaborative opportunities and get to know the CELLINK team!


This year the conference is taking place in New Orleans, November 13-15.

What happened last year?

Dr. Ibrahim Ozbolat

Dr. Ibrahim Ozbolat from Penn State University gave a presentation on 3D bioprinting living tissue. He specializes in manufacturing and tissue engineering, and he has published many articles on bioprinting.

Dr. Cristina Scielzo

Dr. Cristina Scielzo from San Raffaele Institute shared her work, “3D Bioprinting to recreate leukemia-microenvironment interactions in vitro.” Dr. Scielzo’s lab purchased the first INKREDIBLE in Italy.

Dr. Thomas Boland

Dr. Thomas Boland, also known as the “Grandfather of Bioprinting,” presented his work titled, “Thermal inkjet printing of cells: Activation of angiogenic pathways.” Dr. Boland’s career in bioprinting is extensive, and today he teaches at the University of Texas El Paso.

Dr. Angela Mortari

Dr. Angela Mortari spoke about her program and work in 3D bioprinting. She won the CELLINK Education Award for her work implementing a bioprinting facility at University of Minnesota.

Dr. Che Connon (right)

Dr. Che Connon, the co-recipient of the CELLINK Innovation Award, presented his work on bioprinting corneas at New Castle University. His work has been recognized worldwide for its potential use in future clinical applications.

Dr. Yi Hong

Dr. Yi Hong from the University of Texas Arlington shared his work, “Highly Elastic Biodegradable Hydrogel for Bioprinting of New Tissues.” His research focuses on developing new biofunctional and bioactive materials for translational biomedical applications – including tissue regeneration, 3D bioprinting, drug delivery, bioimaging and cancer treatment.

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